Activităţi civice, sociale, culturale

30 martie 2016, PEACE:

March 15, 2016, 7 elements:

SOCIETY PROBLEMS: the national project accountability of decisions makers in local and central romanian administration


aligica romania


With Mr. Robert Aderholt, U.S. Congress member and Mr. ambasador Tony HALL în Washington DC.

With Mrs. Barbara Lee, U.S. Congress member and Mr. Rajko Kuzmanovic, president of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • March 2008 – November 2010: professional consultancy activities to access European Funds result of which tens of projects, for different beneficiaries (non-governmental organizations, religious institutions and companies) received non reimbursable funding for developing in areas such as: IT&C, services providing, production, environment, social, installations and constructions, cultural and historical heritage etc. Nameable is the project for the restoration of the NegoieÈ�ti Church from CÄ�lÄ�raÈ�i County, which received funding worth 1,95 million dollars for restoration, consolidation, value enhancement and introduction in the touristic circuit of the medieval architectural complex of the former NegoieÈ�ti-È�oldanu Monastery.



February 7, 2006: Presentation the official website of the Patriarchs of Romania


Toghether with the delegate of the US Embassy, Mr. Tacker Brenan,
with a group of students from middle and high schools from Constanta County and from Chi�in�u.

The board of the “Bees Party”
who won the elections for mayor of their town.

10th Year Anniversary - Students' League

Eugen Simion si aligica Aligica Bogdan Hossu

Prof. Eugen SIMION, Romanian Academy President and Mr. Bogdan HOSSU, Alfa Cartel President

aligica si frank wolf

Meeting with Mr. Frank WOLF, member of USA Congress, Republican Party - Virginia

Inside Romanian Academy together with the students' representatives, presenting "Eminescu" National Contest Project to Academy's member

aligica Liga Studentilor 1999 aligica bogdan - greva studentilor 1999

His Beatitude TEOCTIST, the Romanian Patriarch, blessing the debates of Students' League Congress

Romanian President, Emil CONSTANTINESCU, visiting Students' League Headquarter (1999)

aligica sud est europa

Signing SEYC Status together with the Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Yugoslavia students' representatives

aligica pace in balcani

aligica ciorbea victor

Romania's Prime-Ministry, Mr. Victor CIORBEA, at Students' League Congress