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30 martie 2016

 Romania Protected Area: Garden of Virgin Mary

North South East West, PEACE:



2016, March 15: PRAYER FOR PEACE




PiaÈ�a Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania, European Union - 8th February 2016Click for details!


3 februarie 2016: Meeting feat. What’s Up at the Romanian Government – 8th February 2016

AsociaÈ�ia RomânÄ� pentru CulturÄ�, EducaÈ�ie È�i Sport organizeazÄ� luni, 8 februarie 2016 un miting de protest la Guvernul României, PiaÈ�a Victoriei, nr. 1, sector 1, BucureÈ�ti.

Ne dorim ca educaÈ�ia sÄ� devinÄ� prioritatea zero ... detalii aici!



21 ianuarie 2016: LET US EMBRACE! #ROMANIA

„Nu ne-am luptat pentru jucÄ�rii!” #AvramIancu

Cu privire la aspectele prezentate de #Capeti, cu siguranÈ�Ä� managementul situaÈ�iei a fost defectuos. Dar È�i greÈ�eala este o modalitate de învÄ�È�are.

Noi ne recunoaÈ�tem greÈ�eala, aceea de nu comunica eficient cu # Romeo MoÈ�oiu È�i # Antonie Popescu. Dar, de asemenea, am analizat È�i dorinÈ�a unora de control asupra unei generaÈ�ii. Acum, când marea majoritate avem copii, È�tim mai bine cÄ� o comunicare deficitarÄ� poate duce la divergenÈ�e, iar control nu putem avea È�i nici nu trebuie sÄ� avem asupra propriilor copii, cu atât mai puÈ�in asupra altora. În general, persoanele care se implicÄ� în societatea civilÄ� sunt persoane autonome, cu idealuri. Din moment ce o astfel de persoanÄ� È�i-a câÈ�tigat autonomia, nu o mai poÈ�i controla, dorinÈ�a ta de control va fi luatÄ� ca un abuz asupra dezvoltÄ�rii propriei persoane.

Din percepÈ�iile noastre, # Marian Munteanu È�i # George Roncea nu au dorit în 1998 sÄ� preia controlul asupra Ligii StudenÈ�ilor, ci doar sÄ� ajute la formarea unei structuri naÈ�ionale reale a societÄ�È�ii civile. Implicarea lor în acea perioadÄ� a fost strict de redactare a unor articole care sÄ� demaÈ�te un abuz. În plus, dacÄ� ar fi dorit sÄ� preia “controlul” asupra Ligii, s-ar fi lovit de acelaÈ�i tratament, dar nu a fost cazul.
Un lucru este cert, acela cÄ� omul cât trÄ�ieÈ�te învaÈ�Ä�. Nimeni nu e perfect È�i atâta timp cât existÄ� motivaÈ�ie poÈ�i face paÈ�i pentru a ajunge la starea pe care cu toÈ�i ne-o dorim – iubirea supremÄ�.
Primul pas real este cel de iertare, apoi acela de a nu mai judeca pe ceilalÈ�i. Nu toÈ�i avem capacitatea de iubire, în sensul real al acesteia, dar putem respecta. SÄ� începem prin a respecta trecutul, prezentul È�i viitorul... continuarea pe Problemele CetÄ�È�ii!


Bogdan AligicÄ� at the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests

17th DECEMBER 2015:

Let’s do ROMANIA Protected Area!

Dear Minister, Secretary of State Viorel Traian LASCU,

Congratulations for organizing the public debate and it should be mention that we had access on the main entrance of the Ministry of Environment like any civilized institution in Europe and the United States of America.

Our constructive proposal is Romania’s declaration as protected area at the European level, to show that we care about Romania, biodiversity, education, environment, infrastructure, species, habitats, people etc. 

We propose that this be done in cooperation with civil society. Outsourcing services of the Ministries must be done in partnership with non -governmental organizations, through transparency and equal opportunities, without corruption. 


We express our willingness to cooperate with all stakeholders, for Romania biodiversity!

God bless Romania!

Bogdan Aligic�

President ARCES

Co-Chairman of the Citadel Problems



Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published to the Romanian Embassy in Washington a telegram from 21 December 1989, which transmits instructions to ambassador to reject any protest towards the American side, about the events of Timi�oara:
„In connection with the meeting requested by Lawrence Eagleburger for December 21 1989 we communicate the following:
1. In situation L. Eagleburger intends to hand over a verbal note to the events in Timisoara, firmly reject any writing document …
… If L. Eagleburger will state that the US ambassador in Bucharest was not received at the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide a writing material on the situation in Panama, you will mention the lately busy program of the direction”.

After 25 years, most public institutions in Romania adopt the same "tactics": lack of transparency, lack of respect and interest in the citizen and lie!

In the months April to June 2014, SOCIETY PROBLEMS team, conducted a study of efficiency of public management at central level and proceeded the same as Mr. Lawrence Eagleburger by calling a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we addressed all central public institutions in Romania, including the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Service Affairs Information, to present the national project SOCIETY PROBLEMS, to accountability the public administration.
The majority attitude was similar to the one described above: we have been contacted and settled meetings that have not occurred, we have been asked who we are to do this thing, we were informed that the Minister does not have time for this, or worse, we have been ignored not receiving even an answer. We keep mentioning that these things were analyzed by the Romanian Agency of Consultancy with the project partners, students and professors involved and will be published online and discussed within SOCIETY DEBATES. Attitude of government leadership is unitary in this regard, even the young ministers Ioana Petrescu, Daniel Constantin, Dan �ova and Nicolae B�nicioiu proceeding the same. Do not be received in a public institution is a illogical and old concept, sad reminder, whom lived our parents and our grandparents. European and transatlantic democratic values have no connection with these temporary characters in public officials.
Nevertheless, we were glad to meet professionals in public management at the National Ministry of Defence, which we thank them also in this way, for the opening presented. Also, at the Ombudsman and the Romanian Senate we were able to discuss civilized and constructive.
At Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we hope that with the naming of the new Minister Bogdan Aurescu, to appear changes in regarding transparency and respect for citizens. Declassification of documents is extremely beneficial for the understanding of some realities and for learning. We appreciate and follow the MAE documents that will further be published.
The Romanian modernization is absolutely necessary and we support that should be achieved by real public debate and collaboration with stakeholders, citizens and civil society members. In this regard, in the last months we have conducted several demarches open data type besides the ministries, county councils and prefectures in Romania and we took part in the debates on the law of reusing information of the public sector in order to modernize the society by removing its monopoly on information. This is beneficial to leave room for innovation, development, creativity and efficiency of public services for the benefit of citizens, after enshrined models in the US, UK, Netherlands etc.
We are convinced that Romania of the next years will bring the much desired change, a public administration in the service of citizens and not only by robbing the citizens for the satiety of „elected”! CLICK FOR DETAILS!

Bogdan AligicÄ� 


THE CITADEL PROBLEMS: the national project accountability of decisions makers in local and central administration


Americans come! Destinies of ploughmen from Romanati county, Bogdan AligicÄ�, Ed. Clepsidra, BucureÈ�ti


Tended edition:Father Archimandrite Dr. John Ioasaf Popa, EVOCATIONS, Ed. Hourglass, Bucharest, 2010.



I met Father Archimandrite doctor Ioasaf Ion Popa after the events of 1989, when I was  student at the Faculty of Mathematics from the University of Bucharest and the President of the Students' League. All-pious was present in the academic environment as a father confessor, but mostly as an opinion maker in the field of Christian spirituality in which students were not initiated in, because of the alienation methods practiced by the communist regime.

He answered each time with great love to the calls made by the Students’ League in order to present the themes of religious phenomena in general, the role of faith in the human life, Christian morality as a factor of balance in society and the Church's mission in the work of salvation. So we had the privilege to accompany him at these meetings, on several occasions and in different universities from all around the country.

He showed an outstanding exigency when presenting and debating specific topics, proving the qualities of a man of great culture, a good speaker and with great persuasive abilities. He impressed with the depth of the interpretations of the theological thought, less known to us who were part of the secular environment, and he proved to be equally competent in the parallelisms of faith - science, religion - philosophy etc.

The dynamism and verve of the presented themes were extended in the discussions that followed, sometimes these were even more exciting, the actual theme being only the pretext for a constructive dialogue on practical issues of life, spiritual experience and a genuine Christian vision of human relations in society and Church, insisting each time to find our own identity in the Christian faith.

He was seeking to highlight the importance and the essence of the Christian cardinal virtues - FAITH, HOPE, LOVE - showing that they can be experienced and understood in the true sense only based on the teachings of the Bible and the Church: extra Eccelsiam nulla Salus (no salvation outside the Church).

The consequences of such teachings, advice and exhortations never left unexplained. Romanian students participated at a series of events and actions on the theme of traditional Romanian religiosity and patriotic sentiments. I should mention here the demonstration that was organized in the University Square in the aftermath of the events of 1989, the Cross Road from Chisinau to Bucharest, the building of the church for students from the Bucharest Polytechnic University and the designing of the church for the courtyard of the University of Bucharest, the latter unfortunately not being finished.

The plan of specific activities of studious youth with Christian orientation has been guided by the All-pious, who also helped us organize national student conferences. Two of them were held at the Patriarchal Palace, with the blessing of Patriarch Teoctist, where the participation of both students and personalities from public life has been impressive.

I was welcomed, along with Father Ioasaf, by the Patriarch on several occasions, in order to prepare the congresses. Subsequently, under the same mark of respect and honor for the church, I presented at the Patriarchal Palace the website of Romanian Patriarchs (www.patriarh.ro), a first form, elaborated in order to set forth on the internet the Romanian Patriarchy and its Primates. In fact, we enjoyed the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Teoctist repeatedly for various youth activities, His Holiness showed interest every time he heard that we were attached to the ancient Church. I have to emphasize that, whenever we went for any advice or any guidance, he welcomed us no matter how busy he was, and he was remarking our presence at anniversaries or ceremonies at the Patriarchy, sharing with us his blessings and his love.

Regarding such tutors, already called by the Lord, we dedicate a thought of honor and pious memory for those who have been like guiding parents and spiritual souls for us.

From this collaboration, from apprentice to father, I have a great consideration that I still keep close even after parent’s Ioasaf transition to the God.

Under these circumstances, besides many dialogues of privacy, he also gave me the manuscript which now sees the light of day. I felt a moral duty, considering the great value of the document, to publish it as a form of homage and gratitude to my spiritual father. Respecting both the spirit and letter of the text as closely as we could, we note that both the specific expressions and the spelling belong to the author.

The interest with which these Evocations will be received by the readers, may be a blessing from the author for the one who published them. In fact, I have audio and video recordings and manuscripts that we made together, and I hope those will be valued on the internet and through typography as a proof of everlasting presence in the same love community where we were before his transition to the Lord.

This paper seeks to be a commemorating volume for the 91 anniversary and for the event of committing 7 years of the Father’s Archimandrite doctor Ioasaf Ion Popa transition to the eternal.

Bogdan Aligic�